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Feb 9, 2013 2:00pm EST
carter, former mayor of atlanta and u.s. ambassador to the united nations andrew young and former justice department spokesman terry adamson. it is a discussion of jack nelson's memoir "scoop: the evolution of a southern reporter". it is about an hour. >> good evening, everyone, good to have everyone here. my name is hank klibanoff and i will be moderating this wonderful panel tonight, as director of the journalism program at emory and co-author of the book about coverage of the civil rights movement, featured tags quite prominently. first of all i want to thank the carter library and museum for hosting this and cosponsoring this and also the emory university library, particularly the manuscript and archives and rare books library. which costs -- papers and wisdom of a great number of journalists, white, african-american, of all sorts and we are so pleased five of those are pulitzer prize winners and the latest among them is at the 11. barbara matusow is so generous and made jack nelson's papers in our position and there is some rich history and i encourage everyone to take a look
Feb 18, 2013 1:00pm EST
, former mayor of atlanta and u.s. ambassador to the united nations andrew young and former justice department spokesman, terry adamson, in discussion of jack nelson's memoir, "scoop". the evolution of a southern reporter. it's about an hour. . . >> and for co-sponsoring it, and also the emory university woodruff libraries, particularly the manuscript, archives and rare books library which houses the papers and the wisdom of a great number of southern journalists; white, african-american, of all sorts. and we're so pleased that five of those are pulitzer prize winners, and the latest among them is jack nelson. barbara was so generous and has made jack's papers our possession now, and there's some rich, rich history in them. and i encourage everyone to go to marble and take a look at them. we're here tonight to celebrate the life, the memoir, the papers of jack nelson with some people who knew him extremely well. jack was a man of enormous influence and consequence in the nation. the story of jack nelson, for those who don't know, is the story of news reporting in the latter half of
Feb 19, 2013 1:00am EST
atlanta constitution where he continued to get beat up. [laughter] he did some just breakthrough investigative reporting that we'll hear about tonight. but beyond that he was just a terrific gumshoe. he was just a great reporter. it's easy to overemphasize just that it was investigative. his career was also about standing for the first amendment, and he worked with a number of organizations, helped create a number of organizations that to this day are still quite prompt innocent, the student -- prominent, the student press law center, all of which have jack's imprint on them. i want to say one last thing, and then we're going to start talking, just tell a little story. as many of you know, atlanta and the world lost a great editor this week when gene patterson passed away down in st. pete. gene had been the editor of the atlanta constitution when jack was here. and gene once told the story about jack being a reporter and a celebrated reporter. when gene got a call from the publisher of the los angeles times, otis chandler. and mr. chandler said, gene, i'm thinking that the los an
Feb 11, 2013 6:00am EST
him fleeing to the atlanta constitution where he continued to get beat up. he did some breakthrough investigative reporting that we will hear about tonight but beyond that he was a terrific gumshoe, he was a great reporter, easy to overemphasize that was investigative. his career was also about standing for the first amendment and he worked with a number of organizations, helped create a number of organizations that to this day are quite prominent. the reporters committee for freedom of the press, the law center call all of which have jack's imprint on them. i want to say one last thing and we will start talking, tell a little story. as many of you know atlanta and the world lost a great editor this week in jean patterson who passed away in st. pete, jean had been the editor of the atlanta constitution when jack nelson was here and she once told the story about jack being a reporter and a celebrated reporter when gene got a call from the publisher of the los angeles times, otis chandler and mr. chandler said i am thinking the los angeles times wants to set up shop in atlanta. you ha
Feb 4, 2013 7:00am PST
even see. it flushed yesterday, it flushed 10 years ago, what's the problem? narrator: atlanta is a rapidly growing urban area. its primary source of drinking water is the chattahoochee river, which also provides water to many downstream communities. but its infrastructure is dangerously old, without outdated facilities and combined sewer overflows polluting the watershed. the city faces strict consent decrees and lawsuits, along with a severe lack of funding. man: when i started working for the city of atlanta in the late '70s, we were approaching that point in time where a lot was going to be needed, in terms of rehabilitation and upkeep. most of the very large pipes were at least 80 years old. we had needs that were identified in the '50s and in the '60s and in the '70s that were deferred. woman: we are urging that we all try to find a way to overcome the obstacles and limitations that might exist. woman: when i was running for office, i met someone who knew mayor hartsfield, who, in the late 1960s, said, "i don't know who the next mayor will be, "but i know they'll have to fix t
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am EST
flooding from new orleans to atlanta. up to four inches of snow around amarillo, oklahoma city and wichita. on top of that, rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> mostly 40s in the northwest. 82 in miami. and 73 in new orleans. >>> coming up next after the break, new reasons to check your credit report. >>> plus, a developing story from overnight. police check out a new lead in the search for a suspected killer in california. >>> plus, the latest in casino comfort. placing bets right from your bed. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >>> and welcome back, everybody. if you have not checked your credit reports lately you might want to. a government study finds one in four consumers are finding errors in their credit reports. those mistakes can lead to paying higher interest rates on
Feb 4, 2013 12:30am PST
situation here in atlanta, a deadly outcome at a nightclub here. you say he's made a turnaround, he's a changed man. can you hear me, terence? terence moore, are you there? we'll work on getting him back. ray lewis involved in an altercation here back in 2001 at a nightclub. he was acquitted. and sadly someone died during that altercation and there were other people who were implicated in that as well. there are still people who believe ray lewis is guilty for that and should have paid the price, should have gone to jail or spent some time in prison and didn't. they still hold him responsible and they feel he should be held accountable. and there are others who feel he has paid the price, did his time and should move on. he has many critics and many supporters, in the years since the -- the 11 or 12 years since, he has turned his life over to god. you hear him speaking in press conferences speaking about god and his family. to be able to go out on a happy on a high note with his children by his side. he said for him children to see him as a champion. these are people who are celebrati
Feb 3, 2013 7:30am EST
what we call them, to atlanta to start this journey on health. >> one, two, three -- >> six-pack! >> nice and easy. nice and easy. last time around. we'll jog as a group and we're going inside. >> how is it going? >> how are you doing? >> as soon as you said those words to me, that you're on the team, i thought, oh, my, i'm doing a triathlon. >> my goal for today is not to kill you. ♪ >> pedal, pedal, pedal. i think we're ready to get started now. i want 30 push-ups. you have three more in you. as tri-athletes you can never slip. >> go ahead and hop in. good! >> i want to congratulate you all, number one, for making the decision to get fit. >> this is kind of a full circle moment for me, walking in to the arena, i'm about to cry. that's no joke. >> move those feet, move those feet. get a burn. butt down. work, work, work. rebound, rebound, rebound. get up. get a little shoulder burn. same drill above your head. how about this workout. >> i think i started off a little too fast. >> we've got one zip right now. two-zip. ♪ >> you got this. you're the man. >> nice. >> it only get
Feb 12, 2013 4:30am EST
carolina, also atlanta and chicago. all part of the white house strategy to try to gain support outside of the capitol rather than inside. >> all right. susan mcginnis in washington. thank you. >>> you can watch the president's address here on cbs. cbs news coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >>> in the words of one high-ranking church official, right now 1.2 billion catholics are holding their breath. the stunning news that pope benedict is resigning at the end of the month is a game-changer. after he resigns, the vatican says benedict will live in a monastery in vatican city. meanwhile, the process to elect his successor is already underway. we have this report from vatican city. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi is about to make history. the 85-year-old leader of the catholic church is resigning at the end of the month. he's the first pope to do so in 600 years. the pope's announcement came as a surprise to all but his closest confidantes. he said because of his age and deteriorating health, "i have had to recognize my incapacity to fulfill the ministry entrusted to me." church leaders w
Feb 4, 2013 9:30am PST
brought you guys this story. the security guard in downtown atlanta outside the metro mall. we see a conflict between the security guard and two women in front of a group of children. the security guard ends up tasing one of the women. the video quickly went viral. we spoke to the security guard and he told us what he's up against every day. >> i had people try to sell drugs in here, sell stolen goods. when i first got here, i kicked them out. all you [ bleep ] drug dealers stay off this property. >> one guy really wanted to help deron long. jarome started a crowd tilt fund, hoping to raise money so that deron could get better equipment for himself to keep the people in this area safe. you can see in this story we got from wfbtv in atlanta how much equipment deron uses. in less than 4 ho24 hours, jaro raised more than $25,000. >> to tell us more about this fund, we have jarome via skype right this minute from atlanta. welcome to the show. tell me what it was about this story that moved you so much that you created this fund for deron. >> i saw how people were talking about ten starte
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am EST
, alabama. >>> well, president obama travels to atlanta today to push the economic and social agenda. he laid out in his state of the union address. the president was in asheville, north carolina, yesterday talking about job creation and stimulus spending, all issues that are part of the current discussion. mandatory cuts known as sequester kick in march 1st. speaker of the house john boehner said all the president is offering is higher taxes and more spending. >> they have twice passed bills. it's up incumbent on the president and the democrats to show us their point to stop the sequester from going into effect. >> boehner also says he objects to the proes posal to raise the minimum wage to $9. they say they will pump money into the economy but business groups contend it will burden employers and cost jobs. anthony mason reports. >> reporter: at cafe joey's italian restaurant in aubrey, texas, owner joe picca is not okay with the president's wanting to increase the minimum wage. picca has 13 employees at his restaurant. >>cy i'm a business owner myself, and it's hard. >> reporter: five
Feb 1, 2013 6:00am EST
stretches from our area down through the carolinas, just kind of misses atlanta. it will still be windy if you are traveling today. a live picture of atlanta, 39 degrees. they will likely see snow showers if the moisture moves south. there's a been a delay in atlanta, new york city boston, and philadelphia. -- a wind delay in atlanta and new york city and boston and philadelphia. >> if we have an accidenwhere we had an accident on 355 near lake forest at the parkway, the accident has been towed away and the lanes are open. police have left the scene. look at the snow on the ground. give yourself extra time. springfield looks ok with the usual amount of volume from dale city to springfield, pretty good. we have a closure of the freeway headed on to pennsylvania avenue. back to you. >> thank you. 4434 degrees. global winemakers are targeting the u.s. market. >> and nasa plans to honor astronauts lost 10 years ago captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back. an alaska airlines flight makes an emergency landing after the pilot lost consciousness i
Feb 2, 2013 10:00pm EST
&pbaker, and hissbuddy, richard lollla, were stabbed to deeth outside oo an atlanta nightcluu.lewis and two others were charged in their urders. four months later, lewis -&ppleaded guilty to a muchh -3 lesser charge, 'obstruction oo justice." aad a jjry decided &pthe other two killed baker nd & lollar in self defense."we are ttlking about a family membee heree this isn't just somebody & who was on tte street. we are talking about a family membee pere and we love him."but, today, lewii insists whatevvr &&phappened in atlanta changed him..with everything that i've been through in my whole life, the thing for me to be herr tooay and my onll purpose in - life issto find different ways people and make our world aa &pbetter place."reporter: ("did -3 you ever sit down and talkkto - him abouu what happened n atlanta?")"yes."repprter: glad he's on this ssde of it. anybbdd who alks about raa lewis ccn't posssbly quote thee book of psalms to know that -3 david was a man after god's own heart, after committing adulteey, after committing muuder, after being negligent & oo the job, after being taken
Feb 15, 2013 4:25am EST
time of day. >>> while we're on the subject of food, one waffle house franchise in atlanta is now charging customers to pay for security. >> apparently crime was so bad in the area, that management decided to hire an off-duty police officer to keep customers safe. fox' denise dillon has more. >> yeah, we have the police for security because it used to get real crazy this there. >>reporter: and who is paying for that security? everyone who eats at this waffle house in five points. that's right. every time you order a waffle, hash browns or a grits here, you're going to get smothered with a 20% surcharge. >> i really didn't pay that much attention, but, okay, we're in downtown atlanta. >>reporter: waffle house says the money pays for an off-duty atlanta police officer to control the crowds and for the safety of the customers and staff. even though there's a police precinct right there, some of the people who work in the businesses along this stretch say they've seen their fair share of crime, and they're not surprised waffle house had a higher security. >> people would be stealing,
Feb 21, 2013 4:30am EST
daniel bloomen decided to put together a rap video for all to see. take a look. >> welcome to atlanta where the players play, homing you can make my bar mitzvah day. 13 years since i was born and the party won't stop until sunday morning. >> now i want to go. >> the video features landmarks around the hometown of atlanta and also includes some atlanta celebrities like mayor reed. deejay frank ski and rapper neo. i wonder if he's going to be wearing is toboggan. >> or arriving on one. >> we are both having a debate right now. you can go to our facebook pages. go to mine and agree with me. >> go mine -- go to mine where the definition is. >> via google. i'm
Feb 10, 2013 1:00am PST
player in suburban atlanta was found dead in his family's hot tub almost a year ago, a package of synthetic pot found nearby. he was just 16 years old and his parents, david andy yvette join us now. thank you for joining us now. i know this is a difficult one and you're here to help this not happen to other kids. tell me a little bit about chase. what was he like? >> he was a joy to be around. he would walk in a room and make everybody feel like you've always known him. feel comfortable. he had an inner light about him and he lived life with a zest and lived everyday like it would be his last. he had an inner light about him. people were attracted to that, older peers and younger children. we know he had an inner light because of how he lived and love he shared with family and friends and had that inner light from god within him. >> i know he was beloved by friends and people he went to school with and teachers and something that really devastated people when he pass wade last march. did you have any sense? did you know he was trying this out, this fake pot? did you even know what
Feb 3, 2013 1:00am PST
kidnapping back in 1976. now i want to bring in a child psychologist. she's here in atlanta. you heard jennifer just a moment ago. she talked about her ordeal when she was 9 years old. in her response, she talked about dreaming about her funeral and those things. is that normal for people in those situations? >> it's definitely not abnormal. i think when a child faces a traumatic event and they don't know what the outcome is going to be and perhaps death is in their future, that is something that they repress and later in life, they fear that that is a possibility. and so in their dreams when their guard is down, that is going to creep up to them. so for her to be able to manage to process that fear, that dream is a pretty amazing feat for her as she ages and grows further away from the traumatic event. >> jennifer, as i mentioned before the break, your brother was also in the bus with you. your brother was older. how old was he? >> he was a year older than i was. he was 10. >> and you were 9 at the time. it was 16 hours. did he talk about it? did he share a similar experience th
Feb 10, 2013 11:10pm EST
washington. take his message on the road... visiting asheville, north carolina,.. atlanta and chicago. mister obama's address will be followed by two responses from tea party republicans -- senators marco rubio and rand paul. [a33]tease 1-houston vo still ahead on 11 news... the music world marks a sad anniversary... on its biggest night of the year. how superstar whitney houston was honored in her hometown. plus... a former u-s attorney general... speaks out on behalf of the family of late football coach joe paterno. why they say the "freeh report"... is factually wrong. covering the nation... the family of late football coach joe paterno... responds to the so-called "freeh" report, commissioned by penn state university. along with former u-s attorney general dick thornburgh... the paternos called the report "factually wrong, speculative, and fundamentally flawed." former f-b-i director louis freeh says he stands by his report. former assistant coach, jerry sandusky was convicted of child sex abuse crimes last year. he now faces a prison term of 30 to 60 years. a middle school studen
Feb 7, 2013 5:00am PST
, no se descarta la actividad de tornados , para mañana actividad de fuertes lluvias sobre atlanta. >> para nosotros , tenemos una tormenta que va a estar interactuando con toda esta actividad de fuertes lluvias, en nueva york se pudieran esperar hasta 6 pulgadas de nieve, continuara la inestabilidad para el sureste de texas , aquí llegan precipitaciones durante las próximas horas , 9 grados en el norte del país , chicago 25, houston con 63 , los angeles 48 grados mientrasw seatle con 39 grados. >> vamos con la campaña la salud comienza aquí . >> continua en los angeles con información sobre la reforma de salud y sería el cambio de la obama care. >> armando lleva tiempo sufreindo de problemas fisicos. >> tengo cosas malas desde la cintura al cuello., >> sus dolores comenzaron a los 16 años y recibió tratamiento pero a los 19 volvieron y no tenía tratamiento medico. >> en la escuela no me dan servicios medicos , trabajo y no puedo tomar las terapias ahora. >> marta aguilar necesita ver medico y tomar medicinas a diario. >> tengo problemas de vesicula. >> siempre tuvo siste
Feb 20, 2013 2:30pm EST
full-on fun! >>> take a look at this story we got from wfb-tv in atlanta. >> they told me that they did the best that they could do. >> that woman is anna lamb creasy and in this moment, she is expressing her confusion over a facebook post from someone named misty hancock. >> misty hancock, and i'm like, who is misty hancock. >> turns out anna lamb creasy had been looking for her 30-year-old son ricky lamb since january 25th. >> and at this point, she doesn't realize that her son was killed in a car accident on the night of january 24th in clayton county, georgia. according to the tv station, this facebook post from misty hancock was actually clayton county police trying to get in touch with ms. lamb creasy to let her know that her son had died. >> ah! >> the strange thing is, this facebook page is from a random name, a person, this lamb creasy doesn't know and has a profile picture of atlanta rapper t.i. >> that's so weird. why would the police department not just pick up the phone or show up to their front door? why make up a fake profile? >> that's what this lamb creasy is so ups
Feb 18, 2013 4:30am EST
the high. sunny in atlanta with a high of 57. st. louis can expect rain, though, 56 the high. denver, clearing and 37. seattle, 46. >>> the mother of a toddler who was slapped by another passenger on a flight is breaking her silence. jessica bennett was flyin from minnesota to atlanta with her 2-year-old son joshua when joshua began to cry, she says the man sitting next to her, joe ricky hudley, used a racial slur. and i said what did you say? because i couldn't believe that he would say that to me. his mouth was in my ear and he said it again but even more hateful and he was on my face, so i pushed him away. >> hudley then allegedly slapped the toddler. he's facing criminal charges and his employer says he's now out of a job. >>> in may the executive board for the international olympic committee will beside whether wrestling will be included in the 2020 games. as terrell brown reports it will compete with other contenders including a little known sport based on martial arts. >> reporter: in the early 1970s, bruce lee movies picked up the kung fu phenomenon around the globe,
Feb 5, 2013 11:00pm PST
getting in some time with his receivers in atlanta. the 49ers and coaches said goodbye. the players packed up their belongings. they chatted with friends and signed autographs for one another. fresh off their super bowl loss, some are eager to get back to work after a little rest and relaxation. >> take a week off or two and then get back to hitting it again. >> you know you have to rest. it has been a long season. almost 30 weeks. first thing's first. sit down and rest and do a little vacation time, but in the end we get back to it and get ready for another long season. >> while the players rest, the front office is busy looking at college prospects. the niners will have the 31st pick in the nfl draft in april. >> it is amazing how quickly they get back to business. >>> changes in the forecast. you know it is cold outside. >> sandhya patel is here with a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> carolyn and dan, it is time to look at the winter clothes and the umbrellas. you will be needing them as we head to thursday. live doppler 7hd, and you will see a few patchy clouds out there an
Feb 23, 2013 7:00am EST
there. rainfall heavy, already is, in places around atlanta, down towards mobile. waking up to pretty good thunderstorms. four to six inches possible, and look at those thunderstorms erupting along the gulf coast, and that spells out some flash flood watches as well as warnings across these regions. we'll stay on top of it and hopefully will narrow it down how much they'll receive. >> hopefully not much for a lot of people. thank you very much, karen maginnis. >>> a lot more coming up. a look at what is coming up. snore . >>> gas prices on the rise while take-home pay is shrinking. a look at just how much your wallet is getting squeezed. >>> tomorrow may be hollywood's biggest night, but it's racing's biggest day. we'll talk with the youngest driver ever to win the daytona 500. >>> and a plastic smile, a jointed doll. how one novelist is referring to the duchess of cambridge, but was it a harsh slam or a plea for sympathy? the sweet realizatu have a moment all to yourself. well, almost. splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® makes the moment yours™. has oats that can help
Feb 11, 2013 4:00am EST
, houston, atlanta, philly, new york, boston, and minneapolis. >>> now to the search for former lapd officer and suspected killer christopher dorner. the lapd is spending special protection units to protect certain officers and their families. >> reporter: a tip on the possible sighting of former lapd officer christopher dorner led police to evacuate this lowe's on sunday. no sign of the suspected killer. now police are banding together to offer an incentive. >> collectively this group, led by my office, is posting a reward of $1 million for information that leads to mr. dorner's capture. >> reporter: the reward is high because the stakes are high. >> every dhat dorner is loose, the likelihood of an attack, on either a uniformed police officer, or family of a police officer, is likely. >> reporter: police suspect the 33-year-old fugitive in a week-long reign of terror that left three people dead. in an onlynn manifesto, he promised war against the police and their families. >> if there is anything to what he says or anything new in what he brings up in his manifesto, we'll deal with
Feb 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
atlanta and more significant weather back through texas and oklahoma. that's where the core of this storm system silts. by this time tomorrow evening it will be coming down around here at least in the form of cold rain and heavy downpours. high at 32. we hit 50 today in the inner harbor. clear skies over the central part of the state after some late day cloud cover edged in out of the south, snuck in out of virginia. as we move into the delay tomorrow a bright start. clouds increase by lunchtime. rain comes in at 3:00. i think we could see heavy rain for your evening commute, so plan on traffic and a headache of a drive. a band rolling in about 9:00 tomorrow night. this could put down more than an inch. we could end up with a 2 earn storm total or slightly higher. there will be flood concerns. by the way, wednesday, we could see partly cloudy. overnight we're okay. 32 when you wake up. clouds, thickening up. showers getting heavier by tomorrow night. cold night around 30. with the arrival of the storm, that's when we'll lose the the weather threat, just the mountains to the west. low 40s
Feb 25, 2013 4:00am PST
tennessee. heavy rain and thunderstorms from east texas, little rock, and atlanta. snow from the cascades to the colorado rockies. rain around seattle and portland. >> 42 in boise. 36 in salt lake city. mostly 30s in the nation's midsection. 40s in the northeast. >>> when we come back, the aftermath of a wild weekend for nascar. >>> plus business news, have gas prices finally topped out? new indications that relief is on the way. >>> and we'll go back to l.a., for much more on the oscars, the morning after. including the most talked about dress on the red carpet. stay with us. >>> welcome back. gas prices are getting closer to $4 a gallon. but they might not get there. gasoline this morning averages $3.78 a gallon, 47 cents more than a month ago. there's hope. the wholesale price is coming down as refineries finish annual maintenance. >>> bp goes on trial today on whether it violated the clean water act in the oil spill three years ago. there are reports on progress on a settlement. opening arguments are scheduled for today. >>> there will be unhappy workers at yahoo! this mornin
Feb 1, 2013 9:30am PST
downtown atlanta outside of the metro mall. a conflict starts happening with two women who have several children around them. it resulted in one of the women being tased. this story caused a lot of chatter online and this video quickly went viral. this guy was a private security guard hired by the mall to curb guns, violence and drugs in this area. >> what's your name, dog? >> what? >> what's your -- write that down. that's not a problem. >> some of his videos have been uploaded showing exactly what he's up against on a day-to-day basis. >> if you walk in here again you're going to jam. >> and -- >> to find out more about exactly what happened in this video, we have the security guard via atlanta. his name is darren long. darren, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> darren, what was going on right before this video started that started this whole argument? >> you hear the child shriek and i just said, hey -- it's what entailed from that. >> darren, describe in general the situation down there? what are you dealing on on a daily basis? >> i've had people try to sell drugs in here. sell
Feb 18, 2013 5:00pm EST
son were on delta flight 721 to atlanta in seat 28b and next to them in seat 28a was this man, joe ricky hundley of hayden, idaho. >> he was being rude and belligerent and i felt very uncomfortable. >> reporter: she even left her seat and stood in the back of the plane holding jonah for much of the flight but she had to sit back down for landing in atlanta. because of the altitude change jonah was uncomfortable and crying. then it got ugly. >> i was having trouble comforting him and that's when the guy had made his comment to me. >> reporter: court documents say hundley allegedly told jessica to, "shut that n word baby up." >> i could not believe that he would say something like that and to a baby or about a baby. >> reporter: then hundley allegedly slapped jonah hitting him in the eye. >> and then to hit him was just -- i felt like i was in another world. i was shaking. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, fellow passengers came to her aid. cnn reached out to hundley who has been charged with assaulting a minor. he declined to comment and asked us to talk to his attor
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